Inauguration Eve 2017 with Stump Tail Dolly

Mars Blomgren

Mars Blomgren

Maureen "Mars" Blomgren is a writer, photographer, painter and social media overlord. Mars is a loyal servant to her Pekingese named Henry. Her work can be seen on album covers, posters, commissioned paintings, branding, merchandise and more. Mars has one of those new-fangled #blendedfamilies that she loves. Mars supports & promotes live music, animals and the truth. She is a proud Philly Girl that will defend the underdog till the end.
Mars Blomgren

On the eve of the next swearing in of the United States of America’s newest President, we at The Chronopages wanted to just sit back and take a breath. Sit a spell on the porch while pondering back to a kinder, gentler time. A time way back in 2016 when we were thrown off guard by a new band called Stump Tail Dolly. We were so enthralled with them we had to know all there is to know about them.

Feel free to read that interview when we spoke with Stump Tail Dolly band members, Ryan Clackner and Lucy Cochran.

Tick Talk: Stump Tail Dolly – “Americonoclasm”

Lucy Cochran of Stump Tail Dolly."Americonoclasm" Photo by The Other Chris Scruggs

Lucy Cochran of Stump Tail Dolly.”Americonoclasm” Photo by The Other Chris Scruggs

Are they bluegrass? Are they country? Are they metal? Are they sludge? It’s been quite a difficult conundrum trying to figure out exactly what sort of genre they are. We’re just going to let that question float off into the void, content in knowing that we give up trying to place a constrictive “genre label” on them. We like them better this way.

For your viewing and listening pleasure we present: Stump Tail Dolly

May you never be quick to label the genre of a band either after getting S.T.D.ed.

You can thank us later.

Lucy Cochran & Ryan Clackner of Stump Tail Dolly Photo by The Other Chris Scruggs

Lucy Cochran & Ryan Clackner of Stump Tail Dolly Photo by The Other Chris Scruggs


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