Marking Time: Be the Light in the Darkness

Mars Blomgren

Mars Blomgren

Maureen "Mars" Blomgren is a writer, photographer, painter and social media overlord. Mars is a loyal servant to her Pekingese named Henry. Her work can be seen on album covers, posters, commissioned paintings, branding, merchandise and more. Mars has one of those new-fangled #blendedfamilies that she loves. Mars supports & promotes live music, animals and the truth. She is a proud Philly Girl that will defend the underdog till the end.
Mars Blomgren

The stars move.

The shortest day arrives, but still the sun rises.

Light defeats darkness: at solstice on Stonehenge; on our cinema screens with lightsabres; in the story of a baby born in a stable; in our homes as love gathers.

Darkness, as we all know, takes many forms: the shadows lurking in a childhood bedroom; the oppression of long winter nights in the northern hemisphere; the fear of an ancient king in Judaea and the massacre of innocents across history.

Today, Christmas Day 2015, is predicted to be a record-breaking day for online shopping. Often, Darkness begins to prevail through an accumulation of simple actions, each apparently innocent in themselves. As emails and adverts encourage us to shop NOW, so that we don’t miss out on that slice of must-have consumerism, pause…

When you find yourself alone in a group with the pale light of your screen, clicking ‘Add to Shopping Cart’, pause…

While you are posting online about the holiday with your family or friends, whether you are feeling pressure to create a picture-perfect social-media-worthy moment, or moaning that the turkey was too dry, or complaining about Uncle Reg’s snoring while you try to watch TV, pause…

There are people out there today and everyday who have nothing. No home, no food, no blanket, no one to love and no one to love them. Take a few moments to be grateful for what you have whether it is small or large and please look out for your fellow human being, today and everyday. We all need someone to say hello, maybe ask how we are. We need strangers to pay attention to us, to ask if they can help… just do it. Share your last dollar, give someone a ride, offer to help clean someone’s house while they get chemo, just go out of your way to help anyone whether it’s a friend, family member and most especially strangers. You never know when you could be in their position.

Reach out and love your fellow man… all of them, without prejudice or hate. You just may be the one person who made a difference to someone’s life and kept them alive just one more day.

Be the Light in Darkness for all.

Thank you.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from:

Emma Connolly, Ace and family

Dogs of Chrono: Ace Christmas 2015

Dogs of Chrono: Ace Christmas 2015


Mars Blomgren, Henry and family

Dogs of Chrono: Henry Christmas 2015

Dogs of Chrono: Henry Christmas 2015