Mayflower Madame: ‘Upside Down (the death loop)”

Darkly pretty music with lashings of 80s influences that inform but don’t overwhelm their sound.
Norwegian band Mayflower Madame’s debut album Observed in a Dream has been released via their own label Night Cult Records in Europe and Custom Made Music in North America.
The video for ‘Upside Down (the death loop)” was directed by Norwegian art collective Born For Burning: “We wanted to make the impression that the video consists of two different found tapes. Inspired by the gloominess of the song we sought to make the images of the video disturbing and shot with a lo-fi camera. Some key ideas were trafficking and crime scene footage, partly inspired by the movie “Lilya 4-ever” by Lukas Moodysson.”
The Chronopages predicts a strong cult future for this Scandi-Noir band.
Mayflower Madame

Mayflower Madame